lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2008


I´ve been fan of a k-pop band almost for a month. Thanks internet for that shortcut, because I really don´t think I can afford a travel to Korea. This band is called Dong Bang Shin Ki, or you can call it DBSK, TVXQ or Tohoshinki. 5 good looking members, smooth voices, great choreographies and a lot of charisma are some of the few elements that allowed the creation of this group. I really believe that the five have worked they´re asses off to be in the place they are now and what I don´t understand is those rumors about the cruelty of some fans, some say they´re worst than the anti fans.

I know that there was an incident with Yunho not a long time ago by some crazy bitches that really have problems, can´t they just live they´re lifes and let a person enjoy the success that deserves? Obviously they don´t, human nature I guess. But now, what I´ve seen in videos is the youngest and so freaking´ talented Changmin crying while receiving an award, The Best album of the Year.

This alone should make you jump of joy, but for him was the opposite. Maybe I´m too sentimental but seeing him showing his weakness to all the world, I mean all the World, I´m in Mexico, so... What reasons are strong enough to make you cry? I think that falling only makes you stronger, be positive and take the good things, if you are now in a place where you dreamed to be, don´t let that any person, situation, anything breaks you, crawl if it´s necessary but protect your work, envy exists everywhere but you are greater than anyone will ever let you think. And why do I seem like a crazy fan? This post is just to show some support, and maybe I get a wrong idea and think of a complete different motive, but if what I´ve read it´s true then I´m happy to post this. I´m writing all this because thanks to some news, the reasons of Changming expressing himself without any word it´s because he is the only one that the tv shows don´t like, the one who sells less, the one that fans cry to don´t make line for his autograph, this reasons being in a place were you need to prove everyday your value really get you, you end up thinking "What Am I doing here?" with the years I wonder how many unpleasant experiences had he had.

Unfortunately we live in a world where the appearance defines who you are to others, and in pop world it´s raw, no gray scale, only black or white, the talent for those teenagers is a concept that they don´t understand at all, they are happy by having an idol that gets close to the ideal image of a man or a woman, the hit of the moment in music, movies or fashion. And they will be looking all they´re lifes for that dream. But I think that Changmin already got his hands on his dream... In the end, Vikyou, why do you care ?...._I don´t know...But I have cried before, so I guess I understand even a little bit a feeling that can consumes you._

I´m so..."sentimental"

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