lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009

Romeo ╬ Juliet

Escuchando a Garbage no pude evitar ver este video fanmade con escenas de la película.
I've never realized, not with the speed that the movie managed until the end, and the soundtrack choosen to some dramatic scenes were very romantic even when I was seeing a man being shot in the chest, Shakespeare's story is dark but you get lost in the beautiful words pronounced by the characters, you take away it's brutality and just see the neverending love of those two teenagers, Death only takes importance when they die in eachothers arms at the end leaving you with such a sorrow, and it's unbelievable because you know from the star that it's just a fiction. Well the idea of posting this video was because I think that #1 crush fits perfectly with such a dark story, more than any other song in the OST, at least for me.

Anyway this paragraph may not have any clear ideas, my head is not a very organized place. Sometimes I think my ideas are like trains, traveling to places so far from eachother and I just jump and jump from one to another so fast that I can't follow they're tracks for a long time, I am afraid if I stay for too long I may fall because they never stop so neither do I.

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